Free Spay/Neuter program for feral cats

Spay/Neuter for feral kitties through Project Purr is currently FREE for Santa Cruz County residents (see below for clinic information).

For over 36 years, Project Purr has provided a spay/neuter veterinary package for feral cats/kittens to all residents of Santa Cruz County, regardless of income. Cats must be at least 3 months old or weigh at least 3 pounds. The package includes: spay/neuter, Rabies vaccine, mandatory ear tip (humane surgical removal of the left ear tip as a sign that the cat is fixed) and microchip.

All cats must be delivered to the clinics in humane traps, ONLY ONE CAT PER TRAP. Traps can be obtained (with refundable deposit) from Santa Cruz County Animal Services in either Santa Cruz or Watsonville. We recommend these trapping tips from the San Diego Feral Cat Coalition. Please keep kitty in a covered trap in a safe location overnight after surgery, release the next morning, feed as usual (kitty may hide for a few days).

Welcome Trapping Coordinator Kelly 831-750-8001

When you have a cat in a trap, or know you are beginning a large trapping project, please call (leave a message) or text Kelly and she will direct you to our nearest veterinary partner. NOTE: no weekend surgeries

Animal Hospital of Soquel

Please call 831-475-0432 BEFORE trapping to schedule an appointment (NO weekend surgeries). If you are unsuccessful trapping, please call to let them know, and reschedule. Drop off cats in individual traps between 7:30-8:30am before regular clinic is open, Monday-Friday ONLY. Pick up before 6pm on the same day.

East Lake Animal Clinic, Watsonville

Effective January 5, 2024: Our program at ELAC has ended. Any emergency procedures must be pre-approved by Lynne. Please do not take cats in traps to ELAC unless Lynne has already called ELAC and they are expecting you.